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Caroline Brealey, who founded the service, says that recruiting a matchmaker is much like finding a love interest.A checklist may help whittle down the candidates, but gut instinct will determine the final decision.

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Mostly Bs: Your heart belongs in the country and, even if you live in the city now, one day you’ll return to the land of village pubs and green fields.

Of course, a party’s willingness to pay £4,000 to find love may have accelerated the process – but perhaps a professional matchmaker really is the modern equivalent of Cupid ’s bow. a) Glamorous weekend in Dubai b) Trip down to Lake District c) Three weeks backpacking in Vietnam d) A nature retreat How do you spend Saturday morning?

a) Networking with your many well-connected friends b) Browsing a food market c) Yoga with friends, followed by brunch at a café d) Water aerobics at the gym What’s your dream date?

The hundreds of people who applied to work as a matchmaker came from a huge range of backgrounds – including high-powered bankers from J P Morgan and Goldman Sachs.

Brealey, who has a degree in psychology and worked for children’s charities before starting the company, says there’s no specific qualification needed to become a matchmaker.

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